Clergy Sent To Serve Our Congregation 1902 - 2012

    In 1902, the first pastor on record was the Reverend Leander A. Carter when the church was received into the Annual Conference as a mission church named Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church.
1911 - 1916    Pastors James D. Brown, I. H. Carpenter, and Richard Redford served our church.
             1916     Worship was held in the Odd Fellowhip Building on Briggs Street.
             1932     Rev. C. H. was appointed pastor. Ashbury Church was host to the Washington Annual    
             1936      Reverend Elijah Mitchell was appointed pastor. 
             1940      The church was relocated to 1322 Marion Street and renamed Mitchell Memorial Methodist
                              Episcopal Church.
             1940       Rev. S. W. Field was appointed pastor.
             1942        Rev. Thomas Novel Hodges led the church in burning the mortgage of $1, 678.00, which was
                             remodeled at a cost of $3,000.00, and personage was purchased at 608 Boas Street. A
                             children's choir was organized.
             1951         Reverend George E. Davis was appointed pastor. Church membership increased form 119
                              members in 1951 to 243 members in 1969.
             1954         A girl's basketball team was formed, and they won a YMCA Trophy.
             1957        A parsonage and church were purchased. The house was located at 1612 Herr Street, and
                             the church was on Women's Society of Christian Service), and the Sixty Six Club were
             1967        Reverend Davis participated in a mission to the Philippines. He facilitated the transfer of
                             Mitchell Memorial Church from the Central Jurisdiction (Washington Conference) into the
                             Northern Jurisdiction (Pennsylvania Conference). It was the catalyst that led to the end of
                             racial segregational in the infrastructure of the Methodist Church.
             1968        The Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches merged and the all Black Central
                               Jurisdiction was disbanded.
             1969        Rev. George E. Davis retired, and Rev. George Nicholas was appointed pastor.
    1970-1971       Rev. Ralph King was appointed. The Sunday School Annex was remodeled, and pre-school
                             directed by the Neighborhood Center was established.  The Gospel Choir and College Fund
                             were established. 
              1976       Rev. Joseph A. Davis, a retired Army Chaplain, was appointed. Two Houses were
                             purchased to be used for future expansion.                                                                           
              1980       An extensive renovation program costing over $98,000.00 begun, and was completed  
                             in 1981.  An additional $10,000.00  was spent on the parsonage.
              1985       Reverend Joseph A. Davis ended his 46 years of active ministery, and
                             Reverend James A. Bishop, Jr., was appointed pastor.
              1989        Reverend Bishop became the last pastor of the former Mitchell Memorial United 
                              Methodist Church.      
              1995       Rev. James A. Bishop, Jr., was appointed to the Altoona District in Pennsylvania.

              1995       Rev. Michael A. H. McKinney from the Buffalo, NY area became pastor.  During his
                             pastorate, our congregation fellowshipped with a Jewish congregation on several
                             occasions in their synagogue in Mechanicsburg, PA and in our Church.  Also, a
                             lending library was created.

              1999       Rev. Michael A. H. McKinney was appointed back to the New York are Conference.

              1999       Rev. Y'Lon M. Dozier was appointed pastor and became the first female to pastor
                             either of the former churches or the newly formed one.  Rev. Dozier guided the 
                             congrega tion into the Nurture Outreach Witness (NOW) program, a ministry of the
                             United Methodist Church.  She developed programs, such as:  Seekers, a group of
                             people meeting to ask questions they had about United Methodism and the workings
                             of the local church;  Caregivers, a group that visited sick and shut in members; pulpit
                             exchanges with pastors of different faiths; OWLs (Older & Wiser Seniors), a group of
                             seniors that met regularly to pray and socialize, computer classes for older adults,
                             and Children's Church, during her pastorate.

             2002        Rev. Dozier was appointed to the Altoona District.

             2002        Rev. Vaughn C. Glover, Jr., was appointed to CCMMUMC.  He has had to oversee the
                             removal of the asbestos that was in the furnace room and the installation of a new
                             furnace.  He was instrumental in the decision to share the facilities with the Greater
                             Heights congregation when they were in need of a place to worship.  Also, under his
                             leadership, the Children's Choir, Men's Chorus, and the F.U.N. (Fellowship and Unity
                             with our Neighbors) outreach ministry have all been revived.  Pastor Glover has been
                             pastor of two churches.  He served the Fifth Street United Methodist Church in
                             Harrisburg and was their Spiritual leader when they voted to sell their property
                             to Bethel AME Church.  

            2007         Rev. Glover was appointed to the York District in June of 2007.

            2007        Reverend Andrew T. Bradley, Sr., was appointed pastor .  Rev. Bradley came from
                            Church of Good Sheppard United Methodist Church, Altoona District, Tyrone, PA.
                            Rev. Bradley was pastor at Cross Roads United Methodist Church, York District.
                            Prior appointments were with African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Currently serves
                            the Central PA Conference on the Board of Ordain Ministry, and  co-chairperson of 
                            Commission on Religion and Race.

            2012        Reverend John L Kurtz appointed pastor of Camp Curtin Memorial Mitchell 
                            United Methodist Church.