Administrative Council


Administrative Council

The church council is the decision making body of the Church. The council provides planning and implementation of programs that nurture, outreach in the immediate community, witnesses and provides resources from our local church. This council shall be amenable to and function as the administrative agency of the charge conference.


Administrative Council Officers


Rev. John L.  Kurtz- Pastor

Anthony Alexander- Recording Secretary

Lynida  Hudson -Council Chairperson

Lynida Hudson-Church Alternate to Annual Conference

Sherry Haynesworth- Church Treasurer

Marion Crosson-Church Financial Chairperson-

Daniel Snowden-Church Financial Secretary

Juanita Smith-Pastor Parish Relation Chairperson

Robert Estes- Board of Trustee Chairperson


Representatives to Council

James Wooding- Christian Education Leader

Pamela Waters -Children/Youth Ministry

Lynida Hudson, Debra Sanders and Sally Benning -Communication Leaders

Barbara Zanders- Membership Secretary

- Church Historian


Church Ministry Coordinator

Vacant-Worship Coordinator

James Wooding -Sunday School Superintendent

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